Easier if you avoid analysis paralysis

by samkh - 1/19/13 7:16 AM

In Reply to: Really need some TV buying advice by karismom2

1. Stick with top tiers like Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG
2. Start at the middle of their price-feature range and look up - PQ is very very subjective: if you like what you see, buy it no matter who else says what
3. Don't overinvest; buy only features you need - DumbTVs can be quickly smartened via media player like WD TV Live
4. Plasma in the home is not as dim as it might seem in the showroom compared to LCD; I have both, I love both
5. Today's 120Hz LCD is pretty good on motion; only fastidious fast motion sports fans & gamers would quibble
6. Pay for fashion; who wants a bulky plastic frame of 50"-70"?
7. 3D? sigh, if she wants it and you can't say no, what is your choice?
8. Don't forget Costco and Sam's Club if you are a member

Good luck.