Thqnk you, Grif and Bob

by michhala - 1/18/13 6:39 PM

In Reply to: And Is The Gamble Worth It?.. See This... by Grif Thomas Moderator

I was 99 per cent sure of what your answers to my protection question would be....but thought it a good idea to be sure and to also get your information out there.

I do not visit "dicey" websites, and I have no idea which of my regular websites require Java and how to tell if they do. I have a feeling my bank and credit card sites might require Java. With this in mind, I disabled Java in the X86 folder and it tested on their website as not working. This is the browser I use. That said, when I tested the remaining Java on my 64 bit browser, the Java website said I had an old version of Java and did not recognize my 7 update 11. I might uninstall Java from 64 bit IE9 and reinstall just to see if I can keep a working Java on the 64 bit to use as needed. Although the 32 bit and 64 bit folders on my HD each has its own Control Panel, the Java Control Panel in the Start-Control Panel feature shows as I am thinking both browsers are linked together as far as Java is concerned.

Finally -- with the 32 bit IE9 disabled, I find I have no need for the Java, I will certainly remove from my computer.....or install another browser ie Firefox. QUESTION: Will Firefox install with both 32 and 64 bit, too? (have never used browser other than IE)

Thanks again, gentlemen....Miki