For many years I have used Pinnacle Studios to do this for people. You plug the VCR in to the capture device, hit start & it captures what was there. It allows you to clean up the footage, copies the volume in real time, along with the video, & if you're happy with what you have, you can burn a DVD from it. It will take as long to copy, as the movie is (frame for frame), but rendering it is very fast, on a fast computer.

If you want any additional features (menus, transitions etc), everything is ready for you to do that as well. Your burned DVD will play on most players (use the highest settings of course), except the old ones (pre 2003).

Do be careful using a stand alone unit, as some of them will make the DVD playable only on that unit type.

Good luck in getting your tapes done nicely. Be sure to clean the player, & use as many heads as you can get.