Re: Samsung UE55C6000RWXG HDTV Calibration

by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 1/18/13 9:13 AM

In Reply to: Samsung UE55C6000RWXG HDTV Calibration by Andew16

Hi Andew,

Per your request over here (, I decided to give my comment.

The factory defaults for TV settings are meant to be a good, general baseline. Most people will stick with one of the settings and be quite happy with it. Other people will want to mess around with the settings to get it just the way they like it.

TV color calibration is generally about your environment and preference. By environment, I don't just mean the lighting, both natural and artificial; I mean viewing angles for everyone, the background color the TV sits in front of, etc. And then you have taste (personal preference) of what colors you like increased and general brightness preference. So based on all those things, I can't really recommend settings for you.

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