Sad, very sad...

If we know anything is because we don't want any doping within any sport or even tolerated. In every incidence it has been frown or outright demanded that those involved become disgraced and lose whatever rewards they received.

I recall those GDR "female" athletes back on TV way back, that it was sure bet they get the crops in easy with girls like that "operating the machinery or by hand". They looked more like pretty boys or hulks than athletic females compared to those of the same sports. I knew then that something wasn't right. I wonder now of any lasting effects they maybe having yrs. later even if alive.

I think was it is alarming of so-called sponsored doping has become wide spread, like GDR. Also that like the TVM team and baseball, etc. that many athletes get involved not 1 or 2, but a whole group. When baseball's records were shattered on a regular basis and even in 1yr., that something was up. Those baseball records stood for yrs. even decades and were falling like dominoes.

As for Lance Armstrong, he should fall so hard that hitting bottom is a saving grace. He not only doped but did everything short of murder to cover it all up. He's the Nixon of sports to me.

Well, at least I bowl. When I dope they call it being pissed, which is par having a bar lounge so handy. Now, that's a sport, only fishing compares. ------Willy happy