System board replacement

by Manpreet_C Dell staff - 1/18/13 6:47 AM

In Reply to: System board Project [continued] by mnewsome

Greetings Maurice,

I am glad that you have successfully replaced the motherboard.
The pictures are uploaded in the skydrive folder:
Now the components need to be connected in the following sequence:

1. Memory Shield: Put the memory shield in place, insert and tighten the captive screw labeled 'M' as shown in the image (Memory Shield)
2. Palmrest: Connect the touch pad cable from ZIF connector on the system board as shown in the image (Palmrest connection). Place the palmrest on the base and ensure that the snaps attach to the base. Insert and tighten the screw labeled 'P'. Turn the computer upside down on a flat work surface. Connect the six M2.5 x 5-mm screws to the bottom of the computer as shown in the image (Palmrest screws).
3. Display assembly: Once the palmrest is connected, connect the display with two screws marked in red to the hinges metal strips marked in yellow and to the palmrest screw holes marked in red as shown in the image (Display hinges and metal strips connect to the palm rest). Connect the captive display-cable ground screw. Connect the display cable using the pull-tab and connect the two antenna-cable connectors.
4. Hinge covers: Connect the hinge covers as shown in the image (Hinge cover). Open the display all the way (180 degrees) so that it lies flat against your work surface.
5. Keyboard: Place the keyboard on the palmrest at a 45 degrees angle. Connect the keyboard cable to the system board and engage the two system-board connector tabs as shown in the image (Keyboard connection). Turn the computer upside down. Connect the seven M2.5 x 5-mm screws labeled 'K' to the bottom of the computer.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,
Manpreet C