by jackw1926 - 1/18/13 6:00 AM

In Reply to: So no scans with tools that Grif noted? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Don't sell Norton short. I ran their Reputation Scan and found some interesting stuff. It flagged 1 "Bad" DLL, 16 "Poor" DLLs and 1 "Poor" EXE that had all been "Downloaded from an known origin" just a few minutes after the openofficesuite-setup.exe file was downloaded. This led me to a couple of hidden directories ( & TNT2) that had been created at the same time under "C:\Documents and Settings\Jack Weaver\Local Settings\Application Data" and they had a whole bunch of other files as well as the ones that Norton flagged. I think that I have located the cancer now I have to figure out how to excise it. Any suggestions?