Why do I ...

by MedicalDeviceSoftware - 1/18/13 5:51 AM

In Reply to: why do I read this ??? by jumbastic

Bob intervention helped me to get more e-mail from the support. But as Dr Lapalice said
"You can't give what you don't have"

The support couldn't give the information him self didn't have (he couldn't explain what he didn't understood). But his e-mail was helpful and gave me directions (grateful to the support team !!! )

finally the solution was so simple I was embraced to share it with you !
Now I'm writing and hiding my face behind the screen from my webcam .

download links that immediately initiate a file download.>>>
mean : your URL link where your file "file.zip" is stored. CNET server will use it to download "file.zip". No things after the file name since it may be interpreted by the server ....

Example: www.YourURL.com\.....\file.zip

Sorry, I didn't share the result of Bob activation !