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Grif -- You are correct in that I have 32 bit and 64 bit versions installed in Programs and Features.

I have two of the Java 7 update 11 listed in Programs and Features -- one listed as 64-bit. I also show two as disabled in my add-ons. I have two Java Control PaneIs on my HD files -- one in X86 Program files (32-bit) and the other in Program Files. In Start-Control-Panel section, clicking the Java icon brings up one Control Panel. All show as enabled. Evidently, Java is not totally disabled -- possibly disabling through Control Panel (deselect the box marked Enable Java Content in the Browser) will do the trick. The two disabled Java in add-ons are probably result of option I elected during install (from their website).

I tried IE9 64-bit out on a few websites and it seemed O.K. I will also try your suggestion to uninstall 32 bit version to see if things will workout. I was hoping that a simple disabling in add-ons would be the answer since enabling as needed would be so simple.

Thanks a bunch......Miki