Request for information

by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 1/17/13 2:31 PM

In Reply to: Samsung Remote Not Working Properly by dlkbj1967

Hi All,

I'm here to gather some data on this issue. Anyone who has this issue. Please post or email to me the following info:

Model Code: UNES7150?
Serial Number: ???
Firmware Version: 1025.0?
Smart Hub Version: ???
App: ???
App Version: ???
Network Remote Test: Pass/Fail

How to find the model and serial number:

How to find firmware version:

How to find out the Smart Hub version:

How to find the app version:

Also, if you have the ability and desire to test the iOS or Android remote app, here are the links to those apps:



My email link in top right of this link:

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