Still, Having Current/Most Secure Version Is Best, If Needed

by Grif Thomas Moderator - 1/17/13 12:23 PM

In Reply to: Java 7 update 11 by michhala

Oracle/Java will continue to "attempt" to keep up with the vulnerabilities and the current Java 7 Update 11 fixes the most recent vulnerability.. As with other programs where vulnerabilities are found, (almost all of them nowadays), it's always best to keep the most recent/secure version so when its use is required, the program is as safe as it can be at that time..

Still, Java is not the safest thing on the planet and "bob b" gives good advice.. If you don't need it, dump it.. If you do need it (some of my banking sites won't work correctly without it), then look for safe ways to use it, such as two different browsers, or by switching it on/off when necessary.

Hope this helps.