Thanks for the posting the calibration settings, but...

by pworam - 1/17/13 6:45 AM

In Reply to: LG 47LM7600 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

I was curious what is used as a benchmark when calibrating a TV, or whether or not any calibration tools are used. My observations are that the calibration settings used above heavily favored reds, were soft in the sharpness department, and pretty dim as far as overall image brightness. But that was only using my eye/direct visual observations.

I've been messing around with the settings on my 7600 for a few weeks and consistently find that I get the best picture using a modified version of the basic 'vivid' setting under one of the expert settings. I roll back the backlight, contrast and brightness a bit, but keep the "cool" color setting and roll the color temp down to near neutral. I have a few other tweaks that I use, but those pertain mostly to black levels and very small color accuracy tweaks. Using my settings, I get a nice bright picture with whites that are actually white, while retaining what I feel are fairly accurate colors and black levels. My observations have been that the warm color setting too heavily favors reds and yellows, while medium lacks punch, favors errant greens and tends make whites too gray.

I transpose these settings to 3d settings, allowing for a few adjustments to neutralize the effects of the 3d glasses.