zoom, again, again...

by 62mike - 1/15/13 7:24 PM

In Reply to: Vaporware? by R. Proffitt Moderator

the sony, sylvania, orei i mentioned are all in production, all have a zoom function rendered useless in one way or another. the sylvania, orei can be made to work just fine by putting the 4:3 picture into a 16:9 box with NERO or similar software, burning onto another dvd. this fools these players into thinking they've got a widescreen movie and not auto-stertching it. the zoom can then be used to expand the (letterboxed) picture to fill the screen, undistorted; the (sylvania, not orei) zoom icon can be removed by cycling thru the "a-b repeat " function. a lot of work to do what should only involve pushing a button on the remote. nothing to do with patents - just poor design. anyone know anything about the philips?