by gongy61 - 1/15/13 6:49 PM

In Reply to: How do you connect the sub to your computer? by ..ben

Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't think anyone would post after I got an "answer".

The sub has two inputs on it: one for the satellite speakers and another to a "control pod" that has a headphone jack, an "aux in" jack, and a volume control on it. Also there is a cord that leaves the sub and is plugged into an outlet for power.

The input on the sub for the satellite speakers is 3.5mm and the input on the sub for the control pod is an odd pin majigger (no idea what it's technical term is).

I tried plugging a male 3.5mm to female RCA cable (going from the "Aux In" port on the control pod to the tv), but I haven't been able to get any sound from it...