by 62mike - 1/15/13 5:14 PM

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no upconversion, just a simple zoom. anyone remember 4:3 tv's and how widescreen format movies were "letterboxed" to fit with the black bands on top & bottom? these dvd's , when played on today's typical widescreen display give a miniature widescreen picture with black all around, wasting available resolution. (16:9 display with a 4:3 in the middle with a 16:9 inside that)
i have an antique audiovox player with a 4:3 screen that has a non- distorting zoom; i just can't find a present day widescreen player with one, tho it seems such an obvious feature to have in view of the scads of letterbox format dvd's out there.'
i hear the philips pd9000/37 has some kind of zoom, but they don't respond to "contact us" for specifics; maybe i'll buy one and cross my fingers, tho resolution is only half that of the sony's.
so far:
sony - zoom distorts picture (changes aspect ratio)
sylvania - auto-stretches 4:3 to fill screen, zoom is non-distorting tho; simple "hack" removes zoom icon from screen.
orei - like sylvania, but leaves TWO zoom icons onscreen; no way to remove them.
audiovox - non-distorting zoom but screen is only 4:3
philips - pd9000/37 ?