follow up ?....

forgot to also it possible to have a wireless connection from the PC to this TV? We have a wi-fi router in the home & wondering if it'd be possible to connect via this route which would of course be the preferred method as oppsoed to a hard wire connection. If it must be a hard wire connection then I'd of course need to move the PC & router (as well as VOIP device) so they're next to the TV...which I'd like to avoid if @ all possible. Also....I've since learned the Wise Link feature/capability has little (or nothing @ all) to do w/what I'm trying to accomplish here as far as connecting the PC to the TV is concerned...sigh!! Also learned a HDMI connection is not supported for this goal....which I was hoping would be possible thus making this all sooo much easier/simplier.....sigh #2

& for the record....this TV was purchased new in in TV yrs I guess u can say it's now middle aged...which is being quite nice as many would consider this a dinosaur I suppose : o