zoom, not bars

by 62mike - 1/14/13 6:50 PM

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no; black bars are the obvious result of placing a 4:3 picture on a 16:9 screen. "letterboxing" presents a picture of 16:9 (or 2.35:1) on a 4:3 screen - with black bands top and bottom. Such letterboxed dvd's shown on a wide screen gives black top, bottom, sides; the picture is a small patch in the middle, wasting a lot of resolution. zooming the picture to use the entire screen (or more of it for 2.35:1) would make best use of available screen pixels; especially beneficial with a portable. sony's zoom distorts the picture; sylvania has a zoom, but stretches 4:3 to fill screen making it useless for de-letterboxing. orei is the same plus the TWO zoom icons stay obtrusively on the screen.