re: entry or mid-level Dslr

by MarkatNite - 1/14/13 3:35 PM

In Reply to: entry or mid-level Dslr by jplv

You should buy whatever best suits your needs right now. If your needs can be met by an entry level camera, that's what you should buy. Reason being, today's mid-level camera will probably be equivalent to an entry level camera in 3-5 years. So if "at some point [you] might just advance to the mid-level/semi-pro camera", you'll probably get a better camera if you buy it at that time than you would if you buy one now.

As for "better camera overall" there's really no such thing. (Actually, there is, but it really doesn't matter.) What matters is which camera best fits your particular needs.

So what are your particular needs? - Mark