Bob's right.

by boya84 - 1/14/13 3:34 PM

In Reply to: Connecting a Canon zr40 to Mac mini by BABenett

A little more detail...

Your Canon ZR40 has a DV port.
Link to the camcorder manual:
Page 11, under the flap under the lens at the front of the camcorder.
This is a 4-pin, IEEE1394 compliant, firewire, port.

You Mac Mini has a firewire port... What we don't know if it is a 6-pin or 9-pin firewire port because we don't know when you got your Mac Mini. This is the back panel of a current Mac Mini with a 9-pin firewire 800 port:

So... we don't know if you need a
4-pin to 6-pin firewire cable

or a 4-pin to 9-pin firewire cable

Camcorder off.
Connect the camcorder's DV port to the computer's firewire port with the firewire cable. Power up the camcorder and put it into Play/VCR mode. Launch iMovie. Import or Capture the video from the camcorder. This is real-time capture. 60 minutes of video on the tape = 60 minutes to import the video. 60 minutes of decompressed, high-quality, standard definition, DV format, video will consume ~14 gig of computer hard drive space.