by ed-jo - 1/14/13 1:13 PM

In Reply to: Small world. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I have plugged the BNC ends directly into a T.V.s composite video input with just an adapter from radio shack. the picture showed up fine on that. My boss thinks it may have something to do with FPS and frequency being out of sync but he isnt sure and neither am I. These are the things I was supplied and was told to try and make work. The thing is, this looks like nice software... when it works, but this has been on my plate for a wile for when business is on a lull. I cant even figure out how to further test this. is there a way I can hook up a signal generator to the card just to see if it is faulty? I realize most, if not all generators are for sound, RF, or IR, but is there a way to make something up just to test it?