Latest greatest Samsung still manufactured with same defect

by bbgun7 - 1/14/13 12:29 PM

In Reply to: Same thoughts by hulkmeister78

Who the heck is Bob Proffitt? He's obviously not a very good reader. The thread is still relevant so the world knows that this is neither an old problem, nor a new one, but one that has been allowed to persist for far too long and there are no signs it's going away any time soon. It might make more sense if the thread was sorted from most recent to oldest - is there a way to do that?

To hulkmeister's point, you should not need an extended warranty from the retailer for a persistent manufacturer's defect, but it makes me glad I have one.

I will admit that, other than the wifi and the useless universal remote, it's a good enough TV that, if I had to do it again, I would buy it again. Who calls a remote "universal" when it cannot control the volume on anything other than the TV. Even my cable remote can control the volume on my non-wifi receiver. It would have been way cheaper to ship with one good remote instead of 2 inadequate ones and an expensive looking IR blaster, that still can't control volume.