iPad vs Asus?

by saleensc302 - 1/14/13 12:03 PM

In Reply to: IPad :) by zhileezy

Thanks for the reply. Why do you think the iPad is better in this case? The only apple device I have is an iPod. My phone runs android and I'm pretty used to the google products. The only thing I dislike about my android phone is it's inability to keep up with my typing.

I purchased an iPad 3 for my dad this weekend and had a chance to look at it. It seems pretty simple and easy to figure out, which is nice. But, I've read that they can't be customized like the android tablets can. The one thing I like about some of the Asus tablets is the ability to dock with an external keyboard which has USB and memory card expansion. That's kind of a nice feature. Does the iPad have that capability?