Typical install

by Willy - 1/14/13 1:23 AM

In Reply to: Question about a new SSD by yuugster

Treat the SSD just like any other HD. While it is different from a std. HD, it does the same job. However, if you plan to use this as a solo HD, then frequent reads&writes are the Achilles heal of SSDs. Google for the TRIM command. Also, if you plan to use this in XP, expect some issues or review what is offered by the maker.

Sorry, you want easy and all, but if you have to install the OS, do so. if the SSD supplied any s/w, use it to clone your old HD. You may want to checkout Clonezilla s/w for the same task. Most makers provide step-by-step install instructions, of course you google for YouTube videos as well. Backup critical data before the install.

My typical advise is to use the SSD as fast device and store data on a separate drive. If you haven't brought it yet, look into "hybrid drive SSD".

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