How do you know you don't have a virus...

by JCitizen - 1/12/13 7:11 PM

In Reply to: Yes It is by sorahl

Especially when Windows Defender was originally developed as an anti-malware tool. Maybe they changed it for Win8, but Defender has been a real LOSER for my clients that only enable it exclusively. I'm repairing a machine right now that was using MSE that had some of the worst Trojan Dropper and other malware/viruses; and I can tell you the infection on that machine took a week of hard work to clean up.

Normally I wipe and re-install - but the backups failed, and the bugs purposely blocked the IDE controller to the optical drives - I had to pull everything out of my arsenal to get it up a running again. I couldn't even do a PE environment factory restore. That is how bad the malware is getting now-a-days.