next step format?

by samela101 - 1/12/13 5:33 PM

In Reply to: Trouble with Knoppix by richteral

The drive does still power on and spin and even shows up in explorer. I tried Recuva, it saw the drive, but after 30 minutes it never got passed 0% completed. Do I need to try longer? I didn't want to stress the drive for nothing. I also mentioned in the original post that I had knoppix, was able to boot to it, but when clicking on drive it said unable to mount. I wasn't sure if there was default software within knoppix that I could use similar to recuva.

<div>The files arent important enough to spend money on.

My next step is to format unless there's something else I should try?
Then I'll try recuva again

Thanks for the help everybody