Solution for Samsung Galaxy S2

by lisamirt - 1/12/13 4:27 PM

In Reply to: the process has stopped by Ric95

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and the solutions given on forums did not work for me. I checked the Download Manager, it was already Enabled. I cleared Data in all Google applications but I still got the error message.
Samsung Customer Care advised to do a Factory Reset. I was reluctant as I could see everyone else in the forums had no success. So I went ahead anyway. I noticed that the error message only appeared once I Restored all my backup data from Kies. So I did the Factory Reset again but this time I Restored my backup data from Kies section by section, using the phone for 5 minutes after each Restore, to see which section contained the corrupted file. In the end I was able to Restore all backup data - no corruption file found - no more error message. For some reason the phone did not like the automatic Restore, I had to do it manually section by section.
I hope this helps for anyone still experiencing problems.