Need help from someone

by TGMcCallied - 1/12/13 1:49 PM

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I bought EaseUS to-do backup 5.5.
They told me via Support Chat that it would do what I wanted to do but so far I can't figure that it will.
I sent message to their support forum and then they told me that they did not tell me that.
Here is my problem:

I have a 500 GB Seagate in my lap top which is a GPT drive.
I have a 1TB new Seagate drive that I want to use as my target for cloning the 500 GB drive.

When I hook up the 1TB drive via USB 03 port on my computer and check in Disk Management (Windows 8), the exterior drive shows up as Disc 1 which says it needs to be initialized. I clicked on it to initialize it and it shows that it will be initialized as GPT.

The EaseUS to-do backup 5.5 will not clone the interior hard drive to the exterior one. I checked with their support and they told me that it would not partition the drive. They say I have to buy more softrware from them that will partition it.

Can I partition this exterior drive as GPT partitioned HD by useing Windows 8 Disk Management?

My interior HD is partitioned GPT into 2 partitions C: and D: (D is the HP recovery partition)?

Thanks for your help

My operation system is Windows 8 and my laptop is HP g7-2238nR.
I have added 4 GB memory which now makes it 8 GB. This is the only changes I have made to the factory state.