Oddly Enough...

by Flatworm - 1/12/13 10:04 AM

In Reply to: Yes It is by sorahl

I was one of those contributing to the development of the original DOS-based antivirus program, "VirusSafe," that later grew into McAfee. But I wouldn't put today's McAfee on any machine I own or am in any way responsible for. It is so badly bloated that I'm surprised its users can even get even as much as an email client to boot on it nowadays.

For the same price, Norton Internet Security is the better, perhaps the best, choice (NAV is too little protection, Norton 360 too much bloat, in my opinion).

In the way of a disclaimer, please note that I do not work for or on behalf of Norton or Symantec. I used to be one of their harshest critics until they improved their product so remarkably in 2009 (for the 2010 version).