Re: vhs tapes

by Kees_B Moderator - 1/12/13 5:30 AM

In Reply to: vhs to dvd editing and capture devices by johnny7770

What you need:
- a VHS player (I suppose) you already have that
- a DVD-recorder that can connect to your player using connections like SCART, composite or analog antenna

Seer;jsessionid=A7DE2B3B40BFC8FA87FFC1E4804698DD.bbolsp-app03-25?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=-3689904122003257422&id=abcat0102006&type=category&usc=abcat0100000&cp=1&sp=%2Bcurrentprice+skuid&nrp=15&qp=crootcategoryid%23%23-1%23%23-1~~q70726f63657373696e6774696d653a3e313930302d30312d3031~~cabcat0100000%23%230%23%23wv~~cabcat0102000%23%230%23%2322~~ncabcat0102006%23%230%23%23a&add_to_pkg=false&pagetype=listing&gf=y for example.

If you want to use your PC, you need to install a TV card that can connect to your VHS layer. It should come with software.