Andsomehow in all of your blathering

you neglect to mention how obstructive Reid has been for the last four years and continues to be by pocket vetoing every bill the Republican controlled House sends to the Senate, even when those bills are passed with bi-partisan support. Gimme a break with your crap, Rob.

I actually DID look at every EO that Bush issued and compared them with BO's........over 80% of those issued by Bush dealt with foreign policy and national security over an 8-year period of time. In 4 years, BO's EO's deal mostly with stomping on individual liberties and giving wide expanse to agencies within the administration that fit his personal agenda (such as the EPA).

As for the gun control issue that Biden said "if only one life is saved (via EO), it's worth it". Did you know that nearly 30% of the schools in the USA are and have been already protected by armed guards? For the NRA to suggest that arming teachers or others to protect the kids is actually a pretty reasonable suggestion......after all, what the WH suggests instead is that the teacher pick up a cellphone and call 911 and wait for help to finally arrive AFTER the massacre has already happened.....but if someone at the school is already armed and shoots the killer and "ONLY ONE LIFE IS SAVED", isn't that worth it?

The list is long; however, at the very least the following Hollywood celebs, tv and radio celebs, the newspaper elite who published the names and addresses of gun owners, the Congress, the VP, the Pres, HIS family, HIS children, and HIS children's school are all protected by armed guards. Are HIS children any more important than OURS?