You fool

by Dekard82 - 1/11/13 8:42 PM

In Reply to: You fool by gepetto77

While I agree that a digital connection is there or isn't I don't agree with you comment regarding cheap cables and drop outs. Cheap is cheap buddy and while you may think you are getting the best, on a cheap budget, maybe you don't have the capacity to see the difference. I have worked in this industry for a long time and drop outs are very much an issue with cheap cables (especially with HDMI cables). Any time a customer calls and claims that the picture just disappeared off the nice big LCD screen I asked what brand off cables are they using, it always ends up that they bought it from some online discount retailer for $5 or less. I then explain that the cables are the issue and that spending a little more money on a better quality cable would solve this problem. And it always does. You also have to conside that the capacity for information is also matched to the cables performance. Hence 3D and 4K TV will require HDMI 1.4 compatibility.

Hope your cheap online cables will provide you the quality you need for the next generation of TV's. Truly you don't know what you are missing