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by andrewcoja - 1/11/13 2:33 PM

In Reply to: Re: Same by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

I am indeed still having the problem. I had forgotten about this thread. It has now compounded into netflix no longer remembering my login information. It happened over the smarthub outage over the weekend I've factory reset my TV, and then it installed the latest firmware. I've reset and reinstalled smarthub. I log in to smarthub, which works fine. When I go to netflix it asks me for my login information, even if I was just in it and went back to smart hub. Everything else so far seems to remember my login details such as Youtube, and Pandora. Seems like no matter what now, netflix will not remember my login.

Any relevant information I can think of:
Netflix Version: 3.1.3
UI Build: Release-45
Device Software Version: T-MST10PAUSC-1025 / 3.13-release-907160
Last Error: We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title. 503

TV Firmware: 001025
Smarthub Version: 4.5191-5.0

I don't know if that 503 in the error is related to the HTTP error code or now. I've noticed that unlike the other apps which use a code you put in on a website, netflix uses the actual login. Would be nice if it used a code like the others or even like netflix apps on other devices. Though, I guess that's up to Netflix.