Like speaking to 5 year old techs.

by bobspez - 1/11/13 2:45 PM

In Reply to: HP Tec Support Sucks by dedibler

Absolutely the worst tech support possible. Less than worthless. The worst scam ever perpetrated on a consumer. Make no mistake, if you have any problem with an HP you are on your own.

Your only recourse is to check the online forums, google your issue, and fix it yourself.

Just spent 45 minutes on the phone with HP tech in India because my line-in port and mic ports stopped working on my new HP Pavillion h8-1380t purchased 6 weeks ago in Nov, 2013. Before calling I went through all the built in help, updates, etc. I even restored the PC back to original factory condition using the HP restore DVD's I made when I got the computer. Line-in and mic ports previously worked, now they don't. I put this on the HP support window form and selected telephone support.

Conversation with HP tech support went like this .... He reads my complaint back to me, I agree with the details, and he takes about 10 minutes to figure out how to take control of my desktop.....he finally does, after consulting with his supervisor several times.
HP Tech: So your speakers are not working?
Me:No it's my line-in and mic ports that are not working, as you just read.
HP Tech: OK. Hold on while I consult my supervisor.
HP Tech comes back, takes control of my desktop, navigates to Control Panel, opens up speaker tab.
HP Tech: So your speaker and headphones are not working?
Me: No, you have to navigate to the recording tab and look at the line in device. I've told you this 3 times already the problem is my line in and mic ports not working. My speakers and headphones work fine.
HP Tech opens the audio device setup screen, opens up other (there's no line-in setup option).
HP Tech: Will you speak into the mic please and read the text on the screen.
Me: I'm using a line in, not a Mic. But hold on and I will connect a Mic.
I connect the mic, read into it, the bars on the screen don't move, showing no input.
... we go round in circles another twenty minutes, I beg the tech to put on someone with knowledge
of the sound card, he can't understand the difference between the audio out working and the audio in not working. He finally announces:
Tech: I've done everything I can, this is outside the scope of our support, I can transfer you to another team but you will have to pay for that support.
Me: I'm not paying. My new computer is not working, maybe the sound card is faulty. I'm under warranty.
At this point we have been on the phone for more than 40 minutes. The tech still doesn't seem to understand the problem, even after having put me on hold a half dozen times to consult with a supervisor.The tech then unceremoniously hangs up on me.
You can't make this stuff up. If I can't figure out how to fix this on my own I will buy a new external sound card that works with Win 7 64 bit on my new HP Pavillion h8-1380t computer.