Re: Samsung needs to investigate its software

Hi Lesley,

Actually, we did investigate this issue over the past year. I can't reveal everything that we discovered obviously, but the main issue at hand you put forth is what I can respond to: the Smart Hub software was not found to be at fault. Usually, it was network interference from some devices the home owners didn't even know about.

It is difficult to determine what the cause of the interference is, though, because it often something a customer will overlook and not mention because that couldn't be involved. For instance, on one occasion for a customer, a home security system was regularly sending a pulse that would cause a TV streaming Netflix to re-buffer many times over, as the TV tried to resolve the signal.

So in your case, knowing the layout of your home and all the troubleshooting from our previous conversations, your final options are to (1) decrease the distance between the two points or (2) get a wireless extender and connect it into the ethernet port of your TV. I had avoided offering these two suggestions, as I didn't believe the first was even possible for you, and the second would require additional investment.

HD Tech