RE: paid version not working

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 1/10/13 4:35 AM

In Reply to: paid version not working by flexia01

Hi flexia01,

I see two avenues how to resolve this - either try to troubleshoot the technical problem and make AVG fully working again (since the 30-days trial version was working properly, it is likely that we will be able to fix the full version as well, as it is technically the same compared to the trial one) or proceed with the refund:

a) Troubleshooting
If you'd like to troubleshoot the situation further, please send us your support ticket number (AVG#<number>). We will review the communication and technicians will continue with the assistance.

b) Refund
If you'd like to refund the product you can return the unopened box to the retailer. If the box has been opened already, and the license has been activated within 30 days (not more) our customer care specialist could assist you in getting the refund. Please send us ticket number of the communication where you have asked for the refund.

Thank you.