Home phone and home phone service

by Pablo Diego - 1/9/13 11:12 PM

In Reply to: I started this thread way back when by donaldg101

Hi! I still have the service without any problems. I wish I worked for the company because I'd try to resolve other people's problems

I have a suggestion for home phone service--not sure what it would do for your bundle, Straight Talk Home Phone is pretty good. I've tried it for three months--it's a little over $16 with taxes per month. You can view some reviews on YouTube. I also liked magic jack, too.

As for home phone, I bought mine off Amazon (you can find it other places, too) which is AT&T home phone model EL52100, it has 4 out of 5 stars on Staple and Amazon reviews. I got my for $19.99, but see it's going for a little more. I love the speaker phone and volume control---much louder than Uniden. It's Energy Star, too.