Chemical Smell, Samsung French door, Twin Cool Refrigerator

by KenDay0407 - 1/8/13 9:39 PM

In Reply to: Stinky Refrigerator by TME4TLS

Same. Strong chemical smell that gets into food, especially butter, eggs, cheese, anything high in fat. Four boxes of baking soda and thorough washing didn't help. I finally turned the unit down to below 38 degrees and the smell went away. That was a year ago. Now it's back, stronger than before. It fills the room with the odor of... solvent or a plastics plant. I turned the unit down again, to no avail. I'm sure Samsung would just stall; they're not going to replace a $2400 fridge, and they're not going to re-manufacture all of plastic components.

No food spill causes a plastic smell. We didn't spill benzine or paint thinner in our refrigerator!

So, technology that pollutes what it is supposed to preserve. Why am I surprised?