by Kurashiki - 1/8/13 8:30 PM

In Reply to: iTunes backup password unlock by Bammera

Thanks for the reply.

Password wasn't '1234'. A 'Dictionary Attack' wouldn't have worked for me since it wasn't actually a word. So, I just did my own brute search, made a list of all the passwords I could remember using, checked it twice and eventually got lucky.

I tried some free online trial versions of software similar to what you suggested. They weren't very helpful. They would only search so far before saying that I needed to purchase the "full version" to complete the search. Since I remembered my password, I didn't needed to do that. But, even if I hadn't remember it, I wouldn't have done bought them anyways. Much less costly in my case just to re-load iTunes, wipe the phone, and start from scratch.

Thanks again anyways.