Great Picture Settings

by JADURCA - 1/8/13 3:30 PM

In Reply to: 60LM7200 by RajCanada

CNET picture settings are great!!! But I think that most people prefer a sharped image. I forgot to mention that you can adjust the Edge Enhancer to Low. Try it! It will look better!

3D Settings

If you are like me, that love to see 3D movies, then you would like to adjust the H Sharpness to 50, V Sharpness to 0. That way you will have a sharpener 3D image with less artifacts (moving lines) in the 3D picture. Also don't forget to increase the Color to 80 and don't worry about settings, the LG will save each settings independently for 3D and normal picture viewing. Now your done, enjoy!! happy