Step By Step Android Application Development

by evabrian - 1/8/13 7:36 AM

In Reply to: I am not Developer by Harisaltaf

Difficult to explain things step by step as there are potentially so many. Basically:

1 Install the Java JDK. I believe version 6 is best as there are a couple of issues with 7. Learn to write Java programs.

2 Install Eclipse and the Android additions (or MotoDev, which is essentially the same thing but slightly easier).

3 Look up some beginner examples or use those supplied. Copy them or type them in (you learn a lot more doing it the hard way) and be sure you understand how they work.

4 Read enough about Android to know what it can do and what it can't. There's no point attempting the impossible.

5 Write your apps.

I realise this list is almost useless but everybody has a different starting point and wants help in different areas. So,

6 Be as specific as possible when asking for help. Explain what you know and what you don't.

A few non-Java alternatives have been mentioned already. They make it easier to do things (well, simple things, at least) but will restrict your ability to control every detail. On the other hand they can act as rapid development prototyping tools, and in some cases you won't need to go any further. If you do, you'll probably know enough by then to cope with the Java/XML environment used for the majority of apps.