That Makes Sense

by Hforman - 1/7/13 8:31 PM

In Reply to: HDD For Backing Up HDDs... by pacair

Hard Drives eventually crash. If you put the drive in yourself and you did NOT calculate BTUs and Wattage, then the drive will most certainly fail even more rapidly. If you put together a server with a plain fixed drive or even a RAID 0, then what you saw would eventually happen. What you should have used, rather than a "server" is a disk array. For home, I'd suggest a NAS while configuring for the enterprise, I personally prefer fiber channel (FC) SAN configurations. The key is to use some form of RAID configuration for redundancy. Even RAID 1 is better than no RAID at all. And buy a spare or two. I avoid internal hard drives unless I'm going to look at specs for BTU and Watts.