First time buying and Last time I will

Horrible Company! Return policy is B/S. I ordered a picture frame/clock from them and and it didn't arrive in time like the 3-5 business days they promise, and it arrived to me broken. When I say broken, it was literally unrecognizable. Packaging is horrible. Considering my item was glass, they should have put it in a box within another box. Cheap quality products. I provided them with pictures of the package and they were generous to send me another one. But then that second time they sent it, it was broken again and with the same packaging. So I asked them to send me another one and it arrived to me the worst ever! All in pieces. Glass coming from inside the box all over the floor. I asked for a refund and they told me to return the items. Why do I need to return products that are unusable... so they can send it to someone else so they can screwed over like me. It was my first time ordering from them and it will be my last time. Horrible.