Toshiba 39l22u LED. Picture Settings

by spaceace717 - 1/6/13 6:06 PM

In Reply to: Settings for Toshiba 39L22u led tv by craigmcduffie

HI I just bought the same tv last week from Best Buy. When I got it home I was a little disappointed. After some tweaking here is what I came up with. And was rather happy with the outcome.

Picture Mode- Preference

Picture Settings

Contrast- 80
Backlight 60
Dynalight On
Brightness 55
Color 44
Tint 0
Sharpness 0

Advanced Picture Settings

Dynamic Contrast- Off
Static Gamma +3
Color Temp: Cool
Cinema Mode Video

Noise Reduction

MPEG Noise Reduction OFF

Theatre Settings

Picture Size: Native
Auto Aspect Ratio: off

Let me know how you like it.