100A's video recording formats

by cia96734 - 1/6/13 12:30 PM

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If someone can answer some of my questions I'd appreciate it, if not, can you suggest where to go?

I need to capture, compress and convert my videos to achieve the best possible quality to be viewed on the Internet. I'm an architectural photographer and have been asked many times if I do video and I would like to say yes but the quality my clients expect I can't give them at the moment so I need to fully understand what I'm working with before I edit and compress, convert etc. . .

Looking thru the 100A's specifications I see things I don't recognize and hope someone can explain them. . .

The specs say:
Video Compression system is DCT + variable length code (What is DCT? and does it compress?)
Recorded Video Signals says Progressive mode and converted into the 525i system then recorded.
Is the 525i system current with what's out there now?
Does the 525i compress? If yes is it a lossless system?
Recording Format Digital video SD format (What is SD and does it compress)

If I'm compressing everything as I shoot then compress again to MP4 that doesn't help my situation.

I'm trying to find the best combination of. . .

Recording (Only choice on the 100A is NTSC 525i)
Shooting (Choices are 60i (525i) or Progressive mode (30, 24 or 24P advanced)

(I'm using Pinnacle Studio Plus 12.1version)
Converting (to MP4 to play off my server) use MOV or AVI they have the largest file size? (no Compression?)

Compression ( so many to choose from, do some work better with certain codecs than others?)

All my shots are moving with pans across the room. http://www.ps808.com/formattestmp4
After editing this footage it was converted from AVI to MP4 right from Pinnacle no outside compression or conversion programs were used. Should I? Or is this as good as it gets viewing it Full Screen for maximum effect.

I realize that the quality viewers will see also depends on their computer and its graphics card etc. If I can play back my footage on my computer (Compaq Presario) and it looks sharp as an MP4 off the Internet I'm happy.

Aloha Ed Aloha,