can't access MSN

by b_samms - 1/6/13 4:19 AM

In Reply to: Unable to access without signing in by Spark1e

to Spark1e, I have had a similar problem with MSN.COM. We had an MSN e-mail for years, until about 4 years ago, they denied us access due to a "security" issue. They then ask for ''subject"s of recent e-mails you've sent or received, to verify your identity. Apparently MSN.COM doesn't understand, that as occasional home users, we don't care about, or PAY ATTENTION to the subjects of our e-mails, SENT OR RECEIVED. Needless to say, this important little tidbit of information seems to be lost upon the GENIUSES at MSN.COM. Ever try to talk to one of them ? If you have found a way, please, let me know, because to this day, over 4 years later, we still need access to that account. I'd love to talk to one of their "experts", but who do you call ? Please, somebody, make me look stupid !!! Give me a number to call, I will be forever grateful. And to you, Spark1e, good luck.