WIFI, free and paid for

Think in terms like a cell phone, how it connects in various parts of the country, good and bad. You still need to be in an area where wifi reception is good. Being mobile, you're best bet is 4G, using some USB attachment and "paying" for that service. Truckers do this all the time. Also, your better smart phones can become a "hot spot" that sees your PC and allows it to be used as if you're in a wifi zone, that you create via the cell phone. Again, you pay for that service. Other hot spots that maybe free are at restaurants and other public or advertised as being available and open(free) or allow knowing the password(given to you) like a RV park(motels), that service. Checkout RV websites and query there for already provided solutions or your cellphone providers, that service. If you get into satellite then they provide the means to connect. As long as you have wifi capabilities and bump into a free access area, you'll connect, otherwise its a pay for service in some way, though you may see it presence, when you sniff it out. You may want to look into an ext. attached wifi antenna for better reception to be outside of your RV enclosure(metal walls).


FYI- Don't expect to connect in true remote areas unless some wifi service tower or dish is available. The more metro you're location the more likely you may connect again according to your service provider.

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