Be glad to send you the paper

I would be more than happy to send you the white paper but do want to mention somebody posted the link to it in this thread. Here is that link

You might notice that this document talks primarily of the 15,000 RPM enterprise class drives and is applicable to the 7200 RPM versions as well. Here are a couple of links to vendors that make the drives i am talking about and have had great success with.

The Seagate one

The Western Digital one

I have found these drives to be incredibly reliable. In commercial applications I used these in 24/7 mode often writing several Terabytes of information to them every single day. In other words i am working them much harder than the average person ever would. I have built hundreds of systems using these drives with great results.

I also noticed somebody made mention that Solid State Drives do not have long term reliability. That may be true if they are used incorrectly and the wrong type used. I have used solid state drives in mobile systems that are subject to extreme vibration and temperatures in the range of -10F to 110F with 100% reliability. These units have been in place for 4 years with no failures. I very carefully pick the hard drive manufactures and their model numbers that will fit my needs. Do to the fact that is kind of another subject I will not go into details unless asked.

Just an FYI the laptop I am typing this on has a 512 GB Samsung 830 series SSD and has been extremely reliable.

My laptop has a 2.7/3.4 Ghz processor and boots in 12 seconds. I love SSD's but do not use them in enterprise applications