The storage media is not

by boya84 - 1/5/13 7:19 AM

In Reply to: MiniDV vs Digital? by triumphkid

the gating factor. What matters is the format used by the camcorder.

The "DV" in miniDV = Digital Video. The zeros and ones written to the digital tape are the same zeroes and ones written to other formats like flash memory, hard disc drive and optical storage media. The difference is how the zeros and ones are used. If there is a lot of video compression (low data rate), then the video quality goes down. If there is less compression (high data rate), video quality goes up.

Generally, miniDV tape has provided the storage for low compression DV and HDV format storage. Most can be connected to an external recording device (Firestore and Sony) that uses a hard disc drive or flash memory for storage. The DV or HDV format is the same... just different media.

If you compare the bit rates of consumer-grade AVCHD compression to prosumer or prograde cameras and camcorders you'll see a relatively large difference. Use these under various fast action video capture environments (helicopter blade motion, any fast sports, etc.) and you see what the compression does to the video.