"Edit your biographical info"

Top Right Corner of the CNET Page, hover your mouse over your login name. A pop-over will open.
Click on "My Profile"

This will bring you to the Welcome <yourname>! Page.

Just below your name, you will see a link to take you to your Community Profile. Click on it.

On the right side of the screen you will see, <yourname> and an About Me Heading.

Depending on the information you entered when you set up your CNET account will depend on what is displayed.
<yourname><yourname>Member Since</yourname></yourname>
<yourname><yourname>Short Bio</yourname></yourname>
<yourname><yourname>Home Page</yourname></yourname>
<yourname><yourname>The very next line in "blue" It should say "Click here to edit your biographical information".</yourname></yourname>
Once clicked...A pop-over will appear in the middle of your screen. Look for CONTACT SETTINGS, located in the middle of the pop-over.

Check it...click update..done!


Charles Mohr