Yep me too

by NotGeeky - 1/5/13 5:47 AM

In Reply to: I think they are a scam company by pdemeo

I just uninstalled it myself, found out how to clean the drive and re-installed Win 7 from inside the drive itself, no disk, no nothing. I didn't know, theres a copy of the system built into the hard drive. "Yes" though, we must have had the same guy or they all read off of the same script. It sounds like they are Bombay or somewhere like that.
"Oh, only a Certified Microsoft Technician, which we are, can fix your problems." BullS**t. I fixed mine, all by my lonesome. Yeah it took a couple of hours I really didn't want to spend, but the guy I was talking to wanted $200.00
Oh did I feel great after doing it myself. Now Comcast is pullling the same crap. They have a $10. program, a $90., $130., $199. program. The longer your on the phone with them the higher the price is too.. Once someone walks you through step by step how to fix these pieces of crap, you just want to smack yourself after laying out all the money we do. It's disgusting. You follow prompts for about ten minutes, then the software does the rest. You don't need disks in a lot of the cases, I'm not saying all, but almost every issue I had, not one disk was needed. But you have to know where in the system the fix is, thats the trick. Thats where that $200.00 comes from, and these mutts know exactly where to go and what to do, where it takes us, that don't know, where to find it in the system.
I don't know what that event viewer meant, but to me I think every transaction is all that is, it's just a recording of everything you do from day one. Save yourself the money, invest some time, sit and play, go into every program you can find. That "Black Screen, Blue Screen, believe it or not, is your friend. You just have to know what to do with them. They to are part of the system, they are not put up there by anything sent to you, they are part of a message built into the system. Yeah you might have a virus or your hard drive just might be shot. These things don't last forever........In the last couple of weeks, I've learned alot on the scam of these comps. Believe me, I am far from knowing it all. I've been online for years, and from the little I've seen and walked through, I've learned these things can be fixed by ourselves, without $200.00 charges. Thats just legally robbing us. If you know how to use a computer than you know how to fix them. There's no great wizardly knowledge to know...........